Originally written on Google+, it had changed titles many times being “In the darkness they roam” and “When darkness falls” the most widely used.

How it started… 

1) By middle of 2015, a mutual friend of mine and Betelgeuse aOrionis was recovering from a disease. We were writing tales to amuse him, usually with her posting a Bruce Dickinson photo and a little text to kick off the story.

2) This novel became his favourite, but many other people even those who weren’t aware who Bruce Dickinson or Iron Maiden is, loved the story.


The Magician
The Magician

The story line…

Four friends go to a chalet in Germany for holidays.  Two of them are adult magicians and the other two are simply teenagers.  But what they find in the forest is quite startling… 



Leaving the stories in Google+ is risking they get lost for any reason. Also, as the time passes, it gets harder for others to find it and read it, and for me to share it.

So I decided to make a book out of this and make it easier for others to find it and read it.

Check the project on this link:

The book format allows me to add a lot of ideas and artwork I wasn’t able to add on Google+. And for those readers who aren’t familiar with occultist stuff, the book format let me add brief notes to clarify the “non obvious” parts.

I mean to publish the short novel (or long tale) on paper and on-line. For this I need some funding as printing and publishing aren’t cheap nor easy.

I chose a goal of $500 (US dollars) to make it easier to reach. Those who back the project will receive artwork specially made for the story, made by me as I am a painter and designer as well, and will have their names in the foreword. If the goal is achieved, I’ll give Bruce Dickinson one of the printed books with backers names in the foreword and small section of messages from them. I can guarantee Bruce will receive it, because I know where to reach him, and I’ve reached him before by sending him a CD full of support messages recorded by fans around the world while he was recovering from his disease.

Examples of artwork:

Eddie The Head

Nazi soldier

The Talisman