The Trailer can be watched on youtube by clicking here: Chemical Wedding Official Trailer

Produced by London-based Focus Films, the movie, entitled “Chemical Wedding”, stars Simon Callow (IMDb) — of “Amadeus”, “Shakespeare in Love” and, appropriately, “The Phantom of the Opera” — as a Cambridge professor who becomes a reincarnation of Aleister Crowley (a role that, at various points, Malcolm McDowell and Roger Daltrey were said to be attached to); John Shrapnel, Kal Weber, Terence Bayler and Geoff Breton also star.

Crowley, who lived between 1875 and 1947, has been Bruce Dickinson’s idol for many years. The Iron Maiden song “Revelations” is said to refer to Crowley’s classic claim that he was the “anti-christ 666? reincarnated. In other words, the Devil himself.